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Want ALL 16 volumes?

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Volumes 1-16

Beginning in 2005, David ROTH, Dr. Michael RUBINSTEIN, Mike GALLO, and the late Geoff LATTA, produced a yearly series of DVDs on COIN MAGIC, that have been hailed as the Video BOBO of the 21st Century!! To date, there have been 16 volumes (17 discs), with over 34 hours and 225 routines of state of the art, hard hitting, high impact coin magic of all types! Contained within these volumes are new plots, moves, routines, stand up, sit down, gaffs, no gaffs, discussions, workshops, bonus material, and so much more, by some of the top coin workers of our time. Contributing to these DVDs in addition to Roth, Rubinstein, Gallo, and Latta, are Kainoa Harbottle, Giacomo Bertini, Scotty York, Al Schneider, Bob Fitch, Eric DeCamps, Doug Brewer, Eric Jones, Bill Citino, Scott Robinson, Dan Watkins, Jean Emmanuel Franzis, Victor Trabucco, and Marc DeSouza.

If bought individually, these DVDs would have cost $580. But NOW, as a special offer, these DVDs can be purchased as an entire complete set only on our website, for $250!! That's right, $250 for all 16 volumes on 17 discs ,repackaged as an attractive boxed set. Individual volumes can still be purchased as supplies permit, on our website or from your local magic dealer.

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